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2017 DuraNautic - DN B14T
: N2017DNB14T

Born in the Hudson river, bred to handle the choppy waters of the norteastern coast, the DuraNautic has earned a reputation second to none for strength, stability, and durability. From the Deluxe and Utility models to the new Jon boats, all the DuraNautics are super-stable, super tough commercial quality boats. Season after season, they'll always be there for you. DuraNautic Utility V - Call for a Bare Boat Price or Outfit with a Motor and Trailer for a Package Price.



      Utility V 14  
Length     14’, 4”  
Beam     65”  
Depth Amidships     26”  
Transom Height     16" or 20”  
Under-Seat Bulkheads     4  
Seats     4  
Keels     5  
Max. Persons Capacity     5/770 lbs  
Max. Weight lbs Capacity     1040  
Approx. Hull Weight lbs     218  
Max. HP Capacity     25  
Hull Gauge     .063”  


Standard Features for all DuraNautics:

  • Stainless steel bow eye for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy hull for strength and
    long life.
  • All seams are precision welded and tested to assure watertight integrity.
  • Acrylic Urethane painted outer hull for long lasting looks and durability.
  • Gunwals are extruded heavy gauge aluminum for strength.
  • Heavy gauge extruded longitudinal keels protect the hull and provide added stability.
  • Heavy duty extruded spray rails also add stability and directs spray outside the boat.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.

Standard Features:

  • Strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel bow eye.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Foam filled seats for level flotation.
  • Unique structural bulkheads built under seats provide strengthened rigidity while eliminating the toestubbing “ribs” found on other boats.
  • Heavy duty cast handles provide convenient hand holds.
  • Oarlock sockets are positioned for comfortable, efficient rowing.
  • Easy-access transom plug.

Optional Features:

  • Console kit for Utility V 14 and Utility V 16.
  • Floorboard kit for the Utility V 14 and Utility V 16.
  • Battery tray Holder for Utility V 16.
  • Deluxe fold-down chair with mounting bracket